Learn English

We teach english to preschoolers right through to adults

Our English teaching courses cover all 4 platform levels:

 – Speaking
   – Reading
   – Writing
   – Listening

We Offer:
One on One and Online course

Teaching English through Yoga

Advance business English

Mindfulness in Children

Teaching Other subjects in English

Prices are $40 per hour and each lesson runs for 1 hour which includes lesson homework assignments. 

Lesson bookings are available Mondays to Friday and the time depends on the student availability.

Example: Should working adults want a class at 6h00, it can be customised to accommodate them on special request.

Lessons can be booked up until 18h00. 

Considerations which are key for One-on-one and Online classes:

Preparation of working context of one-on-one and online teaching.

Consideration for the background of a student in each context and the impact of this on the goals which the students want to achieve.

Understanding and knowing your student, learner profiles, needs analysis, areas of focus, for example does the student need help with an exam or a certain area in English.

Working with different types of syllables and being flexible with these study material:

      – Different types of multimedia that can be used
     – Online resources for lessons and self study
     – Personalizing lessons
     – Grading materials
     – Diagnostic testing
     – Skills based lessons
     – Topic based lessons
     – Different methods of assessment
     – Content and the marking of students work

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