Facilitator Course

A Facilitator is a content and Process Expert

Employees in organisations makes a huge difference between the success or failure of a business, developing people to have the right skills, knowledge and attitude is key to achieving operational objectives and therefore excellence in training is key to the development of a business.

This (NQF Level 5 – 10 credits) facilitation Course builds powerful life skills, workplace skills and personal enrichment through a Three-day experiential process. You will master the skills you need to teach creatively.

The purpose of this course is for participants to be able to:

  • Plan and prepare for facilitation.
  • Facilitate learning.
  • Evaluate learning and facilitation.

A Facilitator is a content and Process Expert.
An Assessor is an expert who makes judgement about learners’ knowledge and skills (competence).
A Moderator is an expert that confirms reliability and authenticity of assessment results.

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