Illustrator Course

Course content

Transformations including blending shapes and the Gradient Mesh tool,  Pathfinder panel and compound paths,  Using the Shape Builder tool, Effects, graphics styles and masks
Rotate, Revolve, Bevel and Extrude

Trace Artwork Automatically,  Adjust the Results of Tracing,  Create a Custom Preset,
Convert a Traced Object to Paths. Apply Effects, Create Masks, Simplify Path, Create Blend,
Share Graphic Styles, Create 3D Effects.

Setting up for professional printing,  Understanding transparency flattening,  Creating Crop Marks, Page Tiling,  Exporting Multiple Page PDF,  Using the Area Crop Tool to export pre-defined areas, Setting up the Document Raster Effect Setting

Customised Content For In-Depth Learning

The level 1 beginners course covers all the basics you need to know and is suitable for people with no previous experience with Illustrator, or for those with very little experience who want to improve their abilities.

The level 2 (advanced) course focuses on users who want to know everything that Illustrator is capable of and how to get the best out of that capability.
It is designed by Calvin for APPLICATION, namely, take what you have learned in level 1 and apply it to your own specific designs you want to master.


Here are some of the functions and commands you will master which include:

Modify doc and setup. Change artboard size shape. Hidden artboard setup & tips. Zoom doc and artboards. Align artwork to artboards. Creating shapes, The pen tool, Creating and amending paths, Splitting paths, manipulating anchor points, Pencil, Erase, Smooth and Brush, Using the LiveTrace tool to convert Bitmaps to vectors, Adding and deleting anchor points.

Creating and understanding Layers,  Selecting and arranging Layers,  Duplicating Layer content, Applying Layer Options,  Releasing and flattening Layers,

Colours and fills,  Fills and strokes on objects and paths,  Gradients, patterns,  Applying gradient transparency, Send to back/Bring to front,  Group/Ungroup and group selections,  Working in Group Isolation Mode,

Cut/copy/paste & paste infront/ behind,  Working with Rulers, Guides and Smart Guides,  Getting the best from Layers, Using multiple artboards,  Editing the artboard size, 
Positioning elements, Aligning and distributing artwork, Using layers effectively.


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